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High Security Network Monitoring with Data Diode Fiber TAP

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Government, defense, and industrial IoT network infrastructures are constantly challenged by various vulnerabilities coming from external sources. To avoid exposure to additional risk from remote attacks, DDoS attacks, or ransomware, Profitap’s DiodeTAP is one of the best solutions to evaluate.

High-Density Modular TAP

A data diode, also known as a unidirectional network or unidirectional gateway, is a network appliance or hardware device that allows data to go in one direction only. Data diodes can be found in high-security environments, such as government, defense, and industrial IoT, where they serve as connections between two or more networks of differing security classifications.

Enforced by specific regulations, this technology can now be found at the industrial control level for such facilities as power and utility plants, oil and gas industries, and safety-critical systems.

DiodeTAP schematic

The Profitap DiodeTAP Module provides a TAP point with an innovative security feature. It prevents any potential attacks or disruptions by blocking light coming from the monitor ports.

The Profitap DiodeTAP Module provides network traffic for out-of-band monitoring, specifically designed not to send traffic back onto the network. Being a physical hardware separation guarantees the protection of critical digital network infrastructures from inbound cybersecurity issues.

The fiber DiodeTAP ensures total security and availability for monitored networks while providing 100% visibility.

Key Features:

  • Profitaps DiodeTAP ModuleDiode function protects the network against light insertion from
    TAP ports (>35 dB insertion loss on TAP port input blocks all signals)
  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Monitoring of all OSI layers
  • No packet loss, no point of failure
  • Passive, unpowered
  • Various split ratios are available


Learn more about our High-Density Modular TAP solutions by visiting the Profitap MOD-TAP product page or downloading the Profitap DiodeTAP datasheet.