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Remote network capture and troubleshooting on trains

Profitap supports the railroad industry's digital transformation with tailor-made network monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for onboard traffic capture and remote analysis.

Digital Transformation in the Railroad Industry

As the railway industry undergoes a digital evolution, increased technological sophistication in trains is becoming prevalent. Intelligent safety technologies and Wi-Fi connectivity are being fortified in trains, necessitating specialized solutions to manage train network traffic, troubleshoot connectivity and test the correct operation of new systems.

Continuous visibility and troubleshooting in railway applications can be complex. Engineers must gather and analyze data but can’t always be physically present on the trains due to their constant movement. 

Without remote capture and analysis capabilities, engineers may miss crucial data points and have to restart tests, leading to added costs, delays and inefficiencies.


Figure 1: IOTA 1G M12 in a train


Introducing the IOTA 1G: An All-In-One Network Traffic Monitoring Solution

The Profitap IOTA is an All-In-One Network Traffic Monitoring Solution that includes analysis dashboards and enables remote troubleshooting. With the Profitap IOTA onboard, network engineers can access a comprehensive dashboard web interface that runs locally on the IOTA, allowing them to analyze all traffic remotely.

Specifically designed for our customers in the railway industry, the IOTA 1G M12 is a cost-effective, secure, and small form-factor data capture point solution to capture traffic and perform analysis on rolling stock. Railway operators use these specialized solutions to manage train network traffic, troubleshoot connectivity, test safety applications, and gather consumer behavior data.

In compliance with industry safety standards, the IOTA 1G M12 meets the EN 45545-2 safety standards for fire. The M12 connectors make it easy to connect IOTA with standardized equipment. M12 connectors are compact, rugged, and suitable for harsh environmental conditions such as vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and moisture, making them ideal for moving vehicles.


Figure 2: IOTA DNS dashboard


The IOTA includes analysis dashboards that offer comprehensive insights into train network performance. Engineers can access these dashboards through a web interface that runs locally on the IOTA, eliminating the need for physical presence on the train. This All-In-One Network Traffic Monitoring Solution ensures that engineers have real-time visibility into the network and can address any issues promptly. The solution can be built according to the scale of the project so that each capture point can be analyzed from one command center.

Train post_v55

Figure 3: IOTA Central Management

Benefits of Implementing the IOTA

Profitap can help you optimize train network performance and safety, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Engineers can remotely monitor and troubleshoot train network traffic, ensuring optimal performance. This visibility allows for proactive maintenance and identifying potential issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and improving overall reliability.

By capturing and analyzing network traffic, rail operators and service providers can gain valuable insights into train operations, network behavior, and system performance. These insights can inform decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and drive continuous improvement.


Key Features of IOTA 1G M12


  • Seamless Data Collection and Analysis: The IOTA 1G M12 can be set up once and used in many testing and troubleshooting scenarios, saving costs and time. Tests in these environments can take years to prepare, and are expensive.IOTA-1G-M12-Perspective

  • Secure Data Access: With an integrated TAP, the IOTA captures network data without impacting security or performance, meeting requirements that enforce the use of purpose-built traffic capture hardware on trains. The IOTA maintains the network connection even in case it loses power, and it also passes PoE.

  • Historical Data and Real-Time Analysis: The IOTA 1G M12 facilitates real-time monitoring and stores historical traffic on the internal SSD. This data can be invaluable for trend analysis and long-term performance evaluation. Engineers can review past network behavior, identify intermittent issues, and make informed decisions to optimize network infrastructure and efficiency.