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Remote network analysis with IOTA

Networks on remote sites can be tough to monitor. Often, there is limited visibility capability, and getting network engineers on location for onsite troubleshooting is costly and time-consuming.

When you need to capture and analyze data across multiple locations, IOTA network analysis solutionProfitap IOTA offers an ideal packet capture and analysis solution consisting of EDGE and CORE models. The EDGE models are designed for easy troubleshooting on remote locations with onboard capture storage SSD, and integrated analysis dashboards.

Network bandwidth requirements for remote sites are usually lower, so relatively small and scalable solutions, such as the IOTA EDGE models, are the best fit. When expanding your business to new locations, IOTAs can be quickly added to the network, allowing for easy expansion of your network analysis needs on multiple locations. 

A large fleet of remotely deployed IOTAs can be monitored centrally with the IOTA CM Centralized Management application, allowing complete network oversight.



As illustrated above, combining IOTA EDGE models and the IOTA CM, allows businesses to track real-time and historical network performance and troubleshoot issues flexibly and remotely. This is especially helpful in the case of intermittent network issues. Exploring long-term datasets accumulated over days, weeks, or months is possible, helping to identify trends and patterns, and comparing the performance against multiple locations.

With IOTA CM, it is possible to perform multi-segment analysis. With this feature, latency can be measured between different IOTA capture points.


The all-in-one IOTA solution is an ideal remote network performance monitoring solution. Many network parameters are now available to you at the click of a button, like VoIP, HTTP, Local Assets, Microburst, Modbus, SSL/TLS, TCP, Bandwidth, DNS, Host Details, and many more. IOTA will allow you to save costs, accelerate MTTR, and ensure system uptime.

Turbocharge remote network monitoring with IOTA