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Profitap Will Be Sponsoring All Three SharkFest Conferences in 2018

Last year, Profitap sponsored the SharkFest Europe conference in Estoril, Portugal and witnessed first hand how important this event is to the network monitoring industry.

The SharkFest team did a great job transforming an international conference into a stunning event with lots of learning opportunities for everyone involved.

That’s why this year we will be sponsoring all three SharkFest 2018 conferences, starting with the first-ever event that will take place in Asia, from 9-11 April, in the beautiful city of Singapore.

Sharkfest Conferences

In 2017, we were represented by our Sales Director, Geoffrey Kempenich, and our CTO, Laurent Schirck. Both of them came back with lots and lots of inspiration and interesting insights about packet analysis, network troubleshooting and network forensics. 

In turn, we presented our range of portable network troubleshooters, ProfiShark, and showcased a long-term traffic capture solution, that combines the best of a ProfiShark and a NAS. With both a normal and a ringbuffer capture mode available and Terabytes of capture space, this solution helps the Wireshark community to capture intermittent problems in the act and still do their analysis on a laptop, wherever they are. Check this article for more about the evolution of portable packet capture solutions


We also shared useful tips and tricks with network professionals for analyzing data with Wireshark, or our own NPM/APM software, ProfiSight.


For those of you who couldn’t join us last year, take a look at the video below for a short recap of the attendees, sponsors and instructors.



Why choose SharkFest?

We provide network monitoring tools, from high-density network TAPs and Packet Brokers to field service network troubleshooters. So, where else could we get better feedback from top network analysts than at this type of event?


It's also a great way to meet old friends and new people, sharpen our knowledge by attending the live sessions, and present our own insights to the Wireshark community.


We had the chance to witness different ways of going through packets to evaluate and identify, mitigate and secure the network. 


SharkFest Europe Conference.jpg


Regarding 2018 conferences, we will keep you posted about what we are going to highlight during the conferences. We promise some interesting news coming your way these next months. 

Meanwhile, take a look at our Events page to see where you can find us in the following months. 

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