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Monitoring Remote Sites with IOTA

The majority of the organizations today are highly distributed, with systems and data scattered across several locations. Whether it's located at your headquarters or remote sites, all these locations need to be monitored and analyzed to ensure optimal business performance. In a highly distributed organization, however, remote access can take unnecessary time and adds costs for truck rollout. That's why visibility at remote locations is still a big issue engineers must face as they struggling to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR). 

Organizations understand the importance of their operational networks. In fact, every part of your business depends on reliable and secure networks. The challenge is, to quickly resolve network disruptions, slowdowns or intermittent problems. Especially in remote locations, these are far more difficult to solve. When remote users complain about the poor performance of the VoIP quality, network administrator must be able to determine the root cause of the problem and solve this issue - quickly. No wonder why network monitoring and fast troubleshooting are just as important. 


Monitoring remote sites with IOTA

Remote Sites Limitations

Oftentimes, there are only few technical personnel available at remote sites. One way to solve this is dispatching staff to remote locations for troubleshooting. This is very time consuming not to mention, the high cost of travelling to those locations can be an inhibiting factor for many businesses. Especially when travels are prohibited. But even if you can travel to your remote location, will you have the access to the historical data to determine when the problem occur? 

In addition to the lack of on-site IT help, most organizations do not have the right network analysis tool to deal with any problems at the branch offices. Also, they often need to go through the lengthy Change Control Process to get access to the data they need. This will certainly hinder the IT teams to perform adequate data collection and analysis. And when they are unable to collect sufficient data, it will be very challenging to perform effective troubleshooting. Therefore, your MTTR will rise significantly. 


Monitoring your remote sites with IOTA

Given the many limitations involved in monitoring and securing remote locations, it all comes down to selecting the right troubleshooting solution. One way to simplify the remote site management is to consolidate the amount of individual point products into all-in-one solution. 

IOTA is a network packet capture and troubleshooting solution that is an ideal tool for IT teams tasked with network monitoring in remote locations. Quick to deploy and easy to configure without the need of extensive IT knowledge, IOTA gives detailed network traffic visibility and analysis to critical applications and data without being obtrusive or affecting network performance. 

Designed to be deployed at a remote location or other key capture points on the client side before the ISP, IOTA allows you to monitor how the end users are performing in terms of the applications that they accessing and watch for any unusual behavior or any signs of data compromise. 

Suitable for multiple network monitoring and troubleshooting use cases, IOTA enables real-time and back-in-time analysis, as the data can be stored for a long period of time. Thanks to its 1TB encrypted storage, you will be able to analyze your network performance over time.

With IOTA, IT teams can quickly and easily track servers, applications and users on a network and pinpoint the causes of poor network performance from a distance, eliminating the need for on-site visits to remote locations. As an all-in-one network analysis tool, IOTA will allow you to save costs, accelerate MTTR and ensure system uptime. 


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