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Profitap vTAP v0.5.0 Release Notes

Profitap vTAP-Virtual TAPProfitap vTAP is a full-featured network visibility solution built for virtualized service providers and enterprise networks, providing complete visibility of Virtual Machine (VM) traffic (including inter-VM) for security, availability, and performance monitoring.

With the vTAP solution in place, performance issues can be detected quickly as it copies VM data, filters the mirrored data, and then sends the mirrored traffic of interest to physical or virtual monitoring tools.

Profitap vTAP is valuable in the following real-world scenarios:

  • Enables security, availability, and performance through proactive monitoring of virtual data centers
  • Complete visibility of traffic in virtual environments, eliminating blind spots
  • Central management interface for a single overview of the entire virtual visibility system

The newly released vTAP version 0.5.0 includes the following new features:

Added TACACS+ authentication

The vTAP now integrates support for TACACS+ authentication. One or more TACACS+ servers can be added and configured as needed.


Profitap vTAP: TACACS+ authentication


Added RADIUS authentication

Support for RADIUS authentication was added as well. One or more RADIUS servers can be added and configured as needed.


Profitap vTAP: RADIUS authentication


Added Custom Authentication Configuration

With the addition of TACACS+ and RADIUS, it is now possible to configure the priority and activation strategy of all possible authentication methods (local users/TACACS+/RADIUS).


Profitap vTAP: Custom Authentication Configuration


Added Rsyslog

Remote servers can now be set up for the remote collection of system logs.


Profitap vTAP: Rsyslog


Added Support page

The user documentation, REST API documentation, and Ansible library are now included in the vTAP Manager and can be accessed from the user interface's Support page.


Profitap vTAP: Support page


Added Force MTU feature to traffic management rules

Added the option to force the MTU to specific packet size for specific filter rules.


Profitap vTAP: Force MTU feature


Learn more about virtual tap solutions by visiting the Profitap vTAP Product Page or downloading the Profitap vTAP datasheet.